Classic Reviews

star by KEN BAILEY on 2018-07-21

Susan, David. Missy and Ben treat you like you are family and the quality of knowledge and service of all the staff is awesome. I recommend Imports Plus every opportunity I get.

star by DON/MARY MOORE on 2018-07-20

Always an excellent experience. Imports Plus has taken care of multiple vehicles for me over the years.Of course, I appreciate their expertise but most importantly I can trust them to honestly complete anything from routine maintenance to diagnostic challenges. They never try to "upsell" me something I don't need. I recommend Imports Plus without hesitation.

star by THOMAS ALLEN on 2018-07-17

Prompt analysis of the problem. Excellent solution to the problem. Professional repair not just a bandaid.

star by SHERRY / HAL MORRISON on 2018-07-08

Always excellent and professional service!

star by Anon on 2018-07-08

I had a standard oil change/ service. Everything thing went fine. They were very quick.

star by KIRA KIRKLAND on 2018-07-07

I had heard wonderful things about Imports Plus from several different people. So, when my Nissan Altima started making strange noises, I took it to Imports Plus. They are really nice folks! They worked me in, on an already booked up Friday. I was greeted with a friendly smile when I came in, and they listened to me try to explain the noises my car was making. When they called me back, they explained exactly what was wrong with my car, and told me how much it would cost to fix it. I was impressed that they test drove the car, to diagnose the problem, and then test drove it again, to make sure it was fixed. I will definitely recommend Imports Plus to anyone. Thanks guys, you did a great job!

star by JONI / STEVE KROLL on 2018-07-07

I have used Imports Plus for many years and have found them to be very trustworthy.

star by TAMARA CHURCH on 2018-07-07

I appreciate how honest, courteous, and professional everyone is.

star by RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2018-07-06

Performed my bulb change quickly.

star by Anon on 2018-07-04

They're alway prompt, reliable and dependable to provide the best service.

star by Anon on 2018-06-29

star by MARY / JD SURLES on 2018-06-27

Have been customer since moving here in 1988. Have taken care of all our family cars from late model imports, pick up trucks and kids starter cars. This is a professional, highly skilled shop. They provide free estimates, and guarantee the repairs. Prices are competitive. Notice I didn't say cheap. If you are looking for a jack leg mechanic that will work on the cheap, this is not the place to go. If you are looking for positive customer experience, high quality work, correct diagnosis of the problem and repairs done right the first time from a well established, local family business, I highly recommend.

star by BEVERLY GRAVES on 2018-06-26

As always Susan n Ben were wonderful. I would not trust Cabi with anyone else. Over a period of time, they have instilled an inordinate amount of trust for me with their service and advice on many occasions! Bev Graves

star Ben and the team are always helpful and courteous.

star by MICHELLE / LAR. LONG on 2018-06-23

As always, Susan was super helpful. We trust them with all of our repairs because we know they are honest and fair. We recommend IP to all our friends.

star by ALAN JONES on 2018-06-22

Fantastic Susan worked me in at the last minute I came in from out of town. Fantastic service and very friendly great customer service 11 out of 10 rating!

star by SCOTT COVINGTON on 2018-06-21

Excellent people, excellent work......

star by Anon on 2018-06-18

They always do a great job!

star by LAURA BOCCANFUSO on 2018-06-14

Very prompt, very professional and trustworthy

star by ROBERT / DONNA CROOM on 2018-06-12

Wonderful - as always - experience. They gave me a rough diagnosis over the phone & I brought it in. They called mid-morning to tell me that the computer just needed to be rebooted, that they had tested and retested the car afterwards and that it was ready. to go. The bill was a tiny fraction of what they estimated it could be. When I picked it up, they were cheerful, gave me a heads up on something I may need in the next month or two and I was on my way. Can't beat honest, competent AND cheerful with a stick!!!!

star by Anon on 2018-06-11

Easy and quick to schedule Service was quick and they answered all my questions

star by LYDIA MAUNEY on 2018-06-10

Needed new tires and provided quotes that I normally would have chosen. However, I am getting ready to retire the old car and didn't want to invest so much. I even researched going somewhere else but who am I kidding. Imports Plus has always been courteous, honest, and dependable. They worked with me. Provided a loaner while I went to an appointment. Service was timely. I live in Lexington and this is my the only mechanic I go to.

star by BEVERLY / MARTY GILPATRICK on 2018-06-09

I have been told by some that I have recommended to Imports Plus that their prices are a little high. My response has always been, but I can trust them. Trust is huge to me! I also know that they have had some of the same employees for years. That also speaks for itself.

star by GREG MATTISON on 2018-06-06

Excellent service, fast repair time. Had my car back the same day! Starter was giving me sporadic problems. Took the car to Imports Plus and they kept it two days and could get the problem to duplicate. And Susan did not want to do the repairs, because they could not finds a problem. Now how many repair shops would do that, NONE!

No problems with the starter for more than a week, before it started happening again. This time Imports Plus was able to see the problem and the starter was determined to be bad. Saved almost $300 from the price Hyundai was charging to replace the starter!

star by CHIP CRAVER on 2018-06-05

Fast and very courteous as always.

star by BOBBY CHAPMAN on 2018-06-04


star by GYPSYE LEGGE on 2018-05-23

Awesome as always.

star by JOHN CABLE on 2018-05-15

I always receive professional treatment and expert service for my vehicles.

star by AMANDA / STEVEN CHEEK on 2018-05-03

Great service! Fantastic people!

star by TRISHA VARGA on 2018-05-02

Excellent as always. I feel that I can always count on Import Plus, especially in an emergency. Personell are the best.

star by SHERRIE BEARD on 2018-04-26

I always appreciate the Imports Plus Team. They are very knowledgeable and personable. I an confident with their service and expertise.

starby ROBERT SHARPLEY on 2018-04-24

Thanks for your great servicing! I know I don’t have to worry when I have you taking care of our cars. The explanations and sharing of your auto knowledge is especially appreciated.

star by JASON HINE on 2018-04-18

Always a great experience, so thankful for David and his team!

star by JERRY MESIMER on 2018-04-17

Good folks, reliable expert service,

the weather is nice

star by RICHARD PERRYGO on 2018-04-17

As usual Imports Plus did a quick fantastic job with my car. This why I maintain an ongoing relationship with them.

star by GREG MATTISON on 2018-04-13

Fast service. I was called and updated on problem, and the repair cost before any work started.

star by ERIC / ANGELA HERSKIND on 2018-04-13

Ben and a Susan are the best! They stand behind their work and provide the best customer service around!

star by WILLIE F. SMITH on 2018-04-13

Very pleased with my service visit!

star by ELIZABETH CRAWFORD on 2018-04-12

Imports Plus consistently provides excellent work on my vehicle as well as customer service!

star by ELLYN GILLESPIE on 2018-04-11

Wonderful service! Loved having a loaner car.

star by DENISE/HOWARD HENRY on 2018-04-10

Ben,Susan and David all do a nice job On our older Volvo.

star by BAKER COLLISION on 2018-04-10

They got us in and out real quick and the prices were very reasonable.

star by LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2018-04-07

Always a pleasure to meet with the staff at Imports. Work is done correctly and priced fairly at each visit.

star by RITA GREEN on 2018-04-04

Imports Plus has always been generously, kind and always able to find/fixed the source of my vehicles needs.

star by BILL / HELEN MEYERS on 2018-03-31


star by SCOTT COVINGTON on 2018-03-31

Always great work at Imports Plus with Ben, Susan and the rest of the crew!

star by FRED FALLS on 2018-03-29

Excellent service.

star by KENNETH JAMES on 2018-03-27

great work and experience i will be taking all my vehicles here and recommend others to do the same

star by ANN BOYER on 2018-03-25

I took my Hinda Pilot in for brakes to be lookef at and a window switch. I received a call within 1 hour explaining the diagnostic and quote to repair. The rep that contacted me was very knowledgeable, polite and answered all questions. My vehicle was repaired and ready in several hours. I won’t take my car anywhere else. Thank you Imports Plus!

star by GREG MATTISON on 2018-03-23

Excellent work!

star by JIM / ANNE LLOYD on 2018-03-23

My F-150 stated misfiring around 40 mph and no lights or codes showed it. I feel so blessed that Ben and Susan got the spark plugs and coils changed out and really less than I expected to pay (given I have the 5.4 triton v3 engine which is prone to breaking the spark plugs) It is the only place we trust to take care of our vehicles now.

star by CAROLYN CHANDLER on 2018-03-22

Imports Plus, has been a blessing to me and my family. They take care of my Mother's car in every way and more importantly they care about people. I strongly recommend them, their work, and there ability to solve problems both with the cars and the needs of their customers. Ron McDaniel Brown Mountain Beach Resort Lenoir, N.C. 28645

star by JOHN / PAM ROBINSON on 2018-03-21

Great service! Smiling faces!

star by CHAD SHIVAR on 2018-03-21

Fast service. Much cheaper than the dealership. Dealership was $100 more for my part to be installed. Friendly staff!

star by CINDY CATO on 2018-03-15

FAMILY thats how i feel about Imports Plus. Always HAVE been treated with Respect,Courtesy, Kindness, SMILES & HELLO'S. They've Never let me down. I can drop my auto off And Great Staff will go over it At No Cost If there is a Problem I promise You Ms.Susan or Ben Kirby (Owners) Sometimes David.. Will give you a call with Detailed Description Of whats wrong and a Price to fix it. U can say yea or Nada (no fix it). You wont be charged Ive been taken Home by a Friendly Staff member before. While they have worked on my car. Ive had a Courtesy Car given for my own use during the day for my personal use. i even had a flat a few miles away one time. Being unable to change tire. In a panic on what to do. I gave my IP family a call.

Ms.Susan God Bless her calmed me down sent Sweet David to my rescue. He put on a spare took the other back to the shop to. Repair. Now tell me What Other Car Repair Shop Cares Enough About Their Customers to do that. Not very many will give you the time of Day. So Yes Iam A IMPORT PLUS FAN. DEPENDABLE, TRUST WORTHY HONEST, DEDICATED EXPERIENCED STAFF MEMBERS THEY HAVE.

SUPER NICE, TOP NOTCH . ALL OF THEM. One thing Ben and Susan Kirby have Been in the Chapin, White Rock, Ballentine Area for Many Years. Raised their family Attend a Local Church near by. A Good Christian Family. Thats the kinda of Folks i Want Working on my All of my Vehicles. DONT YOU.... SO IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A RELIABLE, HONEST EXCELLENT AUTO SHOP. TO TAKE YOUR 4 WHEEL FRIEND TOO GIVE I.P. A TRY UR 4 WHEEL FAMILY CAR, VAN, OR TRUCK WILL THANK YOU. SINCERELY A GRATEFUL THANKFUL CUSTOMER CC

star by JERRY MESIMER on 2018-03-08

Great service. Thanks!

star by DENISE DICKINSEN on 2018-03-08

I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else!

star by TIM MCLENDON on 2018-03-07

These folks always perform and deliver with integrity! I’ve taken my vehicles there for over a decade knowing I can trust their service to be spot on.

starby STEPHANIE HUCKABEE on 2018-03-03

Imports Plus has taken care of my car for years and they have proven time and time again that they are trustworthy and fair. They never push a service on me and will coach me on how to best approach routine maintenance so that I'm not hit with a huge bill all at once. They also provide loaner cars and will pick up when I need them to. They are the best in the business!

starby BARRY WHITESIDE on 2018-03-01

Always have confidence that our car will be fixed and that what we Are billed is fair Thanks Import Plus for taking some stress out of car repairs!!!

starby ALLISON MURPHY on 2018-02-27

Great folks, great work- would use again and refer others!

starby CHAD SHIVAR on 2018-02-24

Great service! Honest people and fair prices. Take all my cars there.

starby MARK NORRIS on 2018-02-23

Great experience would definitely recommend to my friends and family members. Mark Norris

starby DAN/LINDA LEE on 2018-02-22

Excellent Steph and excellent service!

starby JILL CORRIGAN on 2018-02-20

Great folks. Very professional!

star by WENDY COLEMAN on 2018-02-19

I've been trusting Imports Plus for years. They are always prompt, courteous and trustworthy.

starby CHARLES / LENN. MULLIS on 2018-02-16

Very please as usual.

starby MICHELE / ROB. TERRELL on 2018-02-11

No one ever wants to have car repairs done but when we do, we feel safe and thankful it is done at Imports Plus. They are so friendly, efficient, and dependable. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

starby CECI GIBBONS on 2018-02-09


starby Anon on 2018-02-08

Everything was great... No issue

Ben and Susan have a great business with awesome employees.Dave is always quick to accommodate when we need an appointment. Dave will come And pick the vehicle up and return it. That’s a great convenience. I have recommend Imports plus to several of my colleagues and they to have said everything I havve said about them is spot on . Thanks for all you do for us.

starby SANDRA / RICH LOVE on 2018-02-07

Very good service! They even gave me a vehicle to drive as my was being repaired.

starby Anon on 2018-02-03

great service knowledgable staff fair pricing for quality

starby SLAVEN MANNING on 2018-02-02

The customer service and the work done by Imports Plus is outstanding!

starby JOHN DEWAINE on 2018-01-31

Exceptional as always!

star by MELISSA SCOTT on 2018-01-31

Mr Ben is so friendly and knowledgeable every time. The only place to take our daughters Mini Cooper .. they filled the fluids, reset her tire pressure sensors and checked her power steering. All for the price of the oil change only.

star by DENA FREDERICK on 2018-01-30

Super fast and efficient service!

star by TAMMY MEDLIN on 2018-01-29

Great service as always.

star by DAVID THOMAS on 2018-01-27

Good people and service

star by TODD RAMBO on 2018-01-27

Love the customer service and honesty

star by WYMAN HAWKINS on 2018-01-26

Great job great work just a great place to go and have your car worked on

star by WAYNE SHORT on 2018-01-25

Got a straight up assessment of the situation with my used up old engine, confirming my suspicions. Also got a reasonable estimate for diagnosing and repairing my A/C on another car.

star by DOUG / JANE ROBERTS on 2018-01-23

Susan, Ben, and the staff at Imports Plus ALWAYS give top notch service. They often go above and beyond to accommodate your schedule and auto service needs. I highly recommend Imports Plus - they currently service all 3 of my family's vehicles.

starby Anon on 2018-01-20

Brought car in for brake replacement as advised from dealership. Shopped locally for better price on brake replacement than dealership. Prepared to have full break job.

Mechanic told me had decent life left on brakes and replacement not indicated. Told me to go drive car some more. Really appreciated the honest service. Will return

starby KEN BAILEY on 2018-01-20

The entire staff is awesome.Dave is always a wealth of knowledge and will always get an appointment when it is convenient for me. GREAT Customer Service.

starby JOCELYN SANDERS on 2018-01-19

Always come to you for reliable, knowledgeable service for our older vehicles

starby Anon on 2018-01-18

I trust Imports Plus for good honest auto maintenance and service! Why? Because they are not in business to sell me something that I don't need. They are in business to service my vehicle. I trust them and have never had a bad experience or needed to return for correction or additional troubleshooting when resolving an auto issue.

Thanks Imports Plus for providing such reliable service!

starby JOHN WHITTEN on 2018-01-11


starby Anon on 2018-01-08

Fast, friendly and expert service.

starby DAVID MILLICAN on 2018-01-06

This is a great mechanic. They always do good work.

starby KEVIN / KIM WILKINS on 2017-12-30

Imports Plus always get us in right away! Fabulous service and so honest on our repairs.. I have used them for years and trust them with all of my car repairs and service!

starby VICKIE / BRIAN TOWNSEND on 2017-12-30

The best as always!

starby DAVID / MELBA CANNON on 2017-12-29

Always fair and dependable

starby TRISHA VARGA on 2017-12-28

Very pleased with the inspection and services done.

starby SANDY/ROB DUBNICKA on 2017-12-13

Always do a good job and provide us with options for upcoming maintenance.

starby JIM / ANNE LLOYD on 2017-12-08

At this point all 6 of our vehicles are being serviced here! Ben and his team do an excellent job at an excellent price.

starby CHAD SHIVAR on 2017-12-07

Great staff. Fast Service and fair pricing. Trustworthy!

starby JCA AUTO SERVICIO on 2017-12-06

They are the best

starby JENNIFER DINKINS on 2017-11-30

Fantastic customer service!!

starby BARRY WHITESIDE on 2017-11-22

Always receive excellent service and have confidence in them

starby RONALD / HATTIE FLYNN on 2017-11-20

I completely trust the people at Import Plus and they do excellent work!

starby MICHELE / ROB. TERRELL on 2017-11-18

Imports Plus has been our Go-To place for car repair for the last 18 years. They are honest, friendly, accurate, dependable and most of all excellent at what they do! I never have to worry about being "taken" with them. We trust them explicitly with all four of our vehicles (2 are our children's cars). That alone says we trust them with our children's lives. How much better can you get?!

starby THOMAS / BRIAN BEACH on 2017-11-14

Very honest in telling you what you need and don’t need.

starby BARRY WHITESIDE on 2017-11-02

Excellent service and I know I can always trust their assessment!!

starby TRISHA VARGA on 2017-11-01

Everyone was very nice and kind. I dealt with Susan, David and Eric. Eric was the tech that worked on my truck. He set my mind at ease and assured me he would take good care of my truck. Definately, a man of his word. Thank you all. I will be taking my husband's car in as well. This will be the business that my vehicles will be going to from now on.

starby Anon on 2017-10-28

Great Service!! Very friendly staff. I had 2 oil changes today, one on a mercedes and one chevy traverse. They made me aware of a part that I will need on the next oil change for the mercedes. Love that, b/c it helps you budget for it, especially if it is an expensive part.

starby Anon on 2017-10-27

Couldn't have been any nicer or more accommodating. Work completed as requested, no unusual additional fees, and friendly staff - what else could you ask for?

starby JOHN GRIMES on 2017-10-26

Called with a screw in my tire; took me right in and fixed the tire.....only place I take my automobiles!

starby KATYE WILKINSON on 2017-10-26

Professional, figured out the problem quickly

starby CHARLIE BRANHAM on 2017-10-24

It is always nice to work with a company that does what they say they are going to do. Additionally, the wonderful service attitudes of employees make it a pleasure to do business! The loaner car was an added bonus that really simplified logistics for me while my car was being worked on. As usual, I am singing the praises of Imports Plus!

starby GREG MATTISON on 2017-10-19

Coolant leak. Anytime you have to have car repairs you worry that the you are being taken advantage of. However over the years my experience with Imports Plus has been the total opposite. They always tell you what is wrong, and give you a close or exact estimate of the cost of the repairs. Imports Plus also alerts you of what needs to be done immediately and what can wait until later and when possible how much longer mileage wise you can go before the repair has to be done. I trust Imports Plus and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who asks me for a good reputable automobile repair service.

starby BEVERLY GRAVES on 2017-10-12

Awesome people and go beyond to serve and help. Susan, Ben, and Dave are such exceptional people, I feel fortunate to have found them for my "CABI"!!!! No one else I would consider using!!!

starby LAURIE SMITH on 2017-10-11

Fast and friendly service.

starby BOBBY CHAPMAN on 2017-10-07

I am a repeat customer. Imports Plus always provides friendly, excellent service. I've trusted them with my Volvos and now my Toyota for over 10 years. Just when I think they can't get any better, they top themselves.

starby LISA / CHRIS CLOYD on 2017-10-06

They always are quick, fair , and very efficient. The best around at what they do

starby WILLIAM (BILL) BYRD on 2017-10-05

Very good place to have your VW and Audi autos worked on. They specialize in these models. I've had excellent work done by them on the electrics, manual shifter, and engine. They've kept my old classic Audi TT running for years.

starby Anon on 2017-10-05

Imports Plus has always provided me with the utmost respect and have taken time with me whenever needed.

starby WYMAN HAWKINS on 2017-10-03


starby SHARI GRAHAM on 2017-10-03

We feel very comfortable bringing our cars to Imports Plus for Any maintenance needed . They Staff is very qualified for Any concerns or questions you may have . No maintenance problem on your car is too big or small . Attt raiting from us ! Very affordable for professional service . We have found our Mechanics shop we will use .

starby DON / MARY BROCK on 2017-09-30

As always, Ben , Susan and their team provide the best service!

starby DAVID GATTI on 2017-09-30

Always honest and reliable and a pleasure to do business with.

starby BARRY WHITESIDE on 2017-09-29

Imports Plus is our go to car repair shop for our family

starby KEN MEEKS on 2017-09-28

The only place I take my families cars. If Eric and the guys don't work on it we don't drive it. Good prices, honest people, and they always go beyond the call of a repair shop.

starby STUART CONDRA on 2017-09-27

So glad to have these folks looking after my automobiles. As usual, they were honest, professional, efficient and really great kind folks to work with. While they always completely inspect and evaluate, I never feel I am being pushed to have "extra" things done like other shops.

star by MITCH MCCARTY on 2017-09-27

Yesterday it cost me over $540 to get my ‘79 VW convertible out of the shop. On the way home it left me on the side of the road just like it did before I brought it to y’all a week ago. Now it’s going to cost me over $100 more to get it towed back to your shop. I appreciate all the other things that were replaced on it but obviously the major problem of it cutting off in mid drive was not fixed.

starby JESS MAYES on 2017-09-27


starby JAMIE PEREZ on 2017-09-26

Honest and dedicated staff that believes in putting the customer first.

starby BRIAN / HEATHER BEDFORD on 2017-09-23

Great service as always. Timely, honest, and high-quality.

starby STEPHANIE HARSEY on 2017-09-23

Awesome staff and service.

starby TONY / LOIS BUZZETTI on 2017-09-20

Appointmens always avalable and meet your time constraints.. Work performed is excellent, ready when promised and great. Desk and tech folks are friendly, competent and "good neighbors!

starby Anon on 2017-09-16

Ford Taurus: The way the engine was behaving, the problem was clearly an alternator failing. I was able to get an appointment on the same day, a Friday afternoon, to hopefully avoid breaking down along the side of the road. The diagnosis was made and the alternator replaced in about 2-3 hours. They even gave me a ride home so that I could get some work done during that time. The bill, of course, reduced my bank account, but the cost was very fair and got the car safely back on the road. The service at Imports Plus has to be one of the best among the auto repair places in Irmo.

starby JANE ARMSTRONG on 2017-09-15

Always accommodating and thorough! We trust them explicitly with our beloved 283,000 mile VW Jetta TDI!!

starby LORRAYNE JOY on 2017-09-15

Quick and accurate diagnosis. We were expecting this to take days. But we had the car back in hours.

starby LOUIS BEER on 2017-08-30

Very helpful and accommodating. Work was done very quickly. Excellent experience

starby DANA MAURIZIO on 2017-08-27

Since moving to Columbia I have been on the search for a reliable and reputable mechanic/shop to work on my VW. My father has always worked on my cars and I have struggled in the past with being taken advantage of. When I first called Imports Plus I knew I have found a wonderful and trustworthy location to have my car serviced, especially because when I called my car was not working at all. The owner, Ben, and his wife were amazing, understanding, and took the time to ask and assess my car troubles prior to me even bringing my car in. My alternator was replaced less than 24 hours after my car was dropped off and they even called to see if I would like to replace another part that seemed to also be an issue or it would have become an issue in the near future. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this location.

They are MORE than worth the drive from Columbia to Irmo to have their services. I WILL BE BACK!

starby GENE TEAL on 2017-08-25

Runs like a scalded dog thanks I see why you had a smile on your face when you drove it ebt

starby STEVE TAYLOR on 2017-08-25

Great Customer Service. Staff is very detail oriented . They may not be the cheapest
but I feel if you want your import car taken care of this is the place to go !

starby MELISSA DAVIS on 2017-08-25

The pick up and delivery of your car is the BEST! Thanks!

starby JOHN / PAM ROBINSON on 2017-08-18

We love the people at Imports Plus!!!!! They care about their customers best interests and are honest, kind people . Plus they do a great job!!!!!!!

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2017-08-18

Imports didn't have an appointment slot available to get our headlights replaced. We called around and got several quotes. One quote was over $200 and would take about 2 hours to do! My husband purchased the bulbs at an auto store and was just going to wait for Imports to install. Susan called and told us they had an opening, so we headed over there. We waited for only 15 minutes and the labor was $12. Can't be the integrity and honesty of Ben, Susan and the crew at Imports Plus!

starby PENNY HAMNER on 2017-08-11

Brought car to shop on Sunday and left it there after filing out form and leaving a key. This was easy to do. Imports Plus determined the problem and fixed the problem by Monday afternoon, even though I was not a scheduled customer for that day. I was kept informed of what needed to be done, how much it would cost and when the job would be completed. Very good experience.

starby PHILLIPS WITHROW on 2017-08-10

Always available and happy to see me thank you

starby LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2017-08-06

For the past several years I have consistently received courteous, friendly and professional service on all my cars. I have found the technicians to be knowledgeable and proficient on all makes and models.

starby HENERY / ROCHE. REEDER on 2017-08-05

Great service and follow up. Professional at all times and explain all of your options, I don't ever feel I'm being over priced.

starby TIM MCLENDON on 2017-08-02

These folks always come through for me and many of my friends that also have their vehicles serviced there. I highly recommend Imports Plus !

starby WYMAN HAWKINS on 2017-08-02

Quick and Fast

starby JILL CORRIGAN on 2017-08-02

I showed up without an appointment. I had a horrible gas smell in my car without knowing the cause. They took their time to correctly diagnosis the problem, gave me a loaner car, ordered the parts and we're done by late afternoon. I have no doubt if I went anywhere else I would have been given mutiple answers or no answers and charged twice as much. It's the best and most honest shop I've ever dealt with in town.

starby JANE ARMSTRONG on 2017-07-29

Very professional as usual and very reasonably priced work! Be back soon. Gotta keep my 281000 mile vw tdi going!!

starby Anon on 2017-07-28

Efficient and quality service as always. I have been taking my car to Import Plus for years and have always been extremely pleased.

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2017-07-28

Professional and quick. We bring both our cars here.

starby Anon on 2017-07-26

Outstanding service in all regards, the best I've seen in 50 years of car ownership.

star by WENDY LEVINE on 2017-07-25

Efficient. Thanks

starby JACK BEERS on 2017-07-24

Checked out car and installed 4 new tires.

starby MICHELLE / LAR. LONG on 2017-07-21

Dependable, professional, always

starby SCOTT COVINGTON on 2017-07-18

Fast dependable service.

starby Anon on 2017-07-17

Could not be happier. Locally owned helping local people. Upfront and honest. Recommend to all.

starby PHILLIPS WITHROW on 2017-08-10

Always there when needed. Always more than willing to help!

starby Anon on 2017-07-13

Great service

starby KAREN MCCAIN on 2017-07-11

Susan and the entire team at Imports Plus are great! No matter when I call they get me in for service! They gave a loaner car so I go to the gym while my car was being serviced. I love them!

starby JOANNE COOPER on 2017-07-11

Excellent communication. Spoke to me in regards to what the truck might be in need of before we ran into much bigger problems. Gave us the info needed to decide putting money into a 18yr old vehicle or not.

starby WANDA LINDLER on 2017-07-08

Great courteous fast service. They knewe exactly how to fix my beetle. Thank you.

starImports mechanics in Columbia...

starby KEN BAILEY on 2017-07-01

There service and caring for the customer is awesome. Dave is very knowledgeable and is committed too excellent service. Thanks for all you do for my family. I value our relationship.

starby WYMAN HAWKINS on 2017-06-28


starby SHERRY / HAL MORRISON on 2017-06-27

Imports Plus is where I have taken my vehicles for over 20 years! I wouldn't go anywhere else.

starby BEVERLY GRAVES on 2017-06-27

People are great and I recommend then to everyone I encounter, not only for their work but treating people by The Golden Rule, which is a rarity in our world today! They found a problem with me Audi that no one else had been able to diagnose! Best of best! Would not use anyone else!

starby Anon on 2017-06-27

Import Plus is very family oriented and honest at each visit. They are dependable and accommodating.

starby ROBERT / DONNA CROOM on 2017-06-26

We have been customers of Imports Plus for years and would not take our vehicles anywhere else. Each and everyone at IP are extremely knowledgeable, professional and credible. I continue to refer IP to others when they mention a need for automobile servicing and repairs.

starby LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2017-06-25

We have always received excellent, professional, friendly and courteous service from Ben, Susan, David and all their employees. We would not take our vehicles anywhere else for service.

starby KELLY / EDDIE WIGGS on 2017-06-24

Honest and fair. I love working with Inports Plus!

starby STUART CONDRA on 2017-06-15Efficient , Honest, and professional as usual

star by Anon on 2017-06-11

This business is awesome. The staff is always kind, helpful and the work is done in a timely manner. The prices are reasonable. Will definitely return and recommend to others.

starby MELISSA HATTAWAY on 2017-06-07

Best service in Columbia. Imports Plus is always honest, fair, reliable, and friendly.

starby KEN BAILEY on 2017-06-07

Very personable and always knowledgeable.They have a growing business due too people like me that continually recommend them . Pricing on labor is much less than a dealer. Ben and Susan Kirby have a great business.

starby MARTIN KNIGHT on 2017-05-30

Very knowledgeable staff. Gave me great service and a fair price

starby DERALD EDWARDS on 2017-05-29

Always a pleasure having you all work on my car. It will not go anywhere else in the future. You are all the experts when it comes to older VW beetles. Derald Edwards.

starby GAIL ZEIGLER on 2017-05-23

Getting my oil changed couldn't be any easier! Thank you for coming to my school to pick up my car, change the oil, and bring it back to the school before the car rider line gets insanely long!

starby WYMAN HAWKINS on 2017-05-19

Great service. This is why I return for service in my cars

starby MARK / LISA STEVENS on 2017-05-16

Great service as always!

starby STEPHANIE HARSEY on 2017-05-08

Everyone was friendly and my repair was done in a timely manner.

starby SANDY/ROB DUBNICKA on 2017-05-06

Always do a great job on all our cars!

starby SCOTT COVINGTON on 2017-04-26

Great people, great service. Ordered some Mercedes parts while my F350 got 2 Michelins, front end rebuild and alignment.

starby BILL BRICKENSTEIN on 2017-04-20

Went out of their way to troubleshoot a blown fuse without an appointment as I was leaving for a trip.

starby Anon on 2017-04-19

Superior service.

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2017-04-15

I always bring my cars here to be worked on. The Kirbys are honest people that I can trust to do the necessary work for a fair price.

starby GREG MATTISON on 2017-04-15

Excellent work as always.

starby ALLEN GOWANS on 2017-04-15


starby BART TEAL on 2017-04-14

Wonderfull honest people. All work was done efficiently and one could not find a finer place to take your vehicle. You will definitely be happy with the results when bringing your car to Imports Plus.

starby JCA AUTO SERVICIO on 2017-04-11

Ben and his staff is always there for us best customer service, Also they have plenty knowledge about the industry Thanks Import Plus

starby ROBERT / DONNA CROOM on 2017-04-11

Y'all got me in and out when I had a nail. Without an appointment. Even when your are covered up or a part is hard we to get than expected and iit takes longer, you let me know what the status is. I always get treated right and tell others they'll get treated right.

starby ROBERT PAULIN on 2017-04-06

A great experience. They were thorough, helpful and fast. I will use them again

starby TONITA SAYLES on 2017-04-05

I have been in the Columbia area for 14 years and I would not trust any other Auto Repair! Your all are always friendly and very informative about the repairs! Keep up th Great work and customer service! IMports Plus is the best!

starby DOUG / JANE ROBERTS on 2017-04-01

Great customer service!! Always helpful with pertinent info about my vehicles.

starby KEN BAILEY on 2017-03-31

Excellent service from pic up too delivery.,David always goes above and beyond what they have to for me. I won't consider doing business with anyone else. Thanks for all you do for us. Ken Bailey

starby BOBBY CHAPMAN on 2017-03-30

Ya'll are great. I have trusted you with my cars for around 10 years now. Always honest and friendly. Bobby Chapman

starby GREGORY / LISA DAVIS on 2017-03-26

Great service - -as always!

star by WYMAN HAWKINS on 2017-03-25

Great Work

starby JUANITA HAWKINS on 2017-03-22

Imports Plus is my go to for all of my cars needs! Ben is always very friendly and works quickly, wouldn't trust anyone else with my VW

starby JOHN WHITTEN on 2017-03-20


starby MICHELLE / LAR. LONG on 2017-03-19

Fast, honest, reliable, professional.

starby CHRIS KROLL on 2017-03-16

Always fast, friendly & professional!

starby JAMES MAYFIELD on 2017-03-15

Each time my wife has taken one of our vehicles to Imports plus if they have beneficent polite kind knowledgeable and treated her with respect. They have always found a time that was convenient for her and she has had virtually no wait to get our vehicle in and the work is completed quickly. I would highly recommend them for any person and any vehicle they are very simply the Best

starby PHILLIP REDDICK on 2017-03-03

Great service and advice from a local busines would recommend to anyone looking for quality service

starby JESS MAYES on 2017-03-03

As always very happy with the service. Have always felt right at home with your staff.

starby RENEE ROPPOLO on 2017-03-03

Ben was not able to fix my car the first time. 2 weeks later he called to tell me he knew how to fix the problem and now seems to be running great

starby EDDIE HAIGLER on 2017-02-19

Very honest good folks.

starby DIANA TUROK on 2017-02-19

Efficient and fast service, always goes beyond what is expected! Highly recommend!

starby THOMAS / BRIAN BEACH on 2017-02-18

Always friendly, honest and fair with the amount charged.

starby WILLIE F. SMITH on 2017-02-14


starby BILL / HELEN MEYERS on 2017-02-11

As always, your service is very well appreciated because it is thoroughly accomplished! Thanks for all you do for us ! I

starby WYMAN HAWKINS on 2017-02-08

Great service great people to work with

starby JILL CORRIGAN on 2017-02-05

Excellent service. Timely and the best customer service in town!

starby Anon on 2017-02-05

As always my vehicle's problem was repaired without any pressure to "upsell" me and the staff were professional and courteous. The work is always top notch, the prices fair, and they make sure the customer's concerns are addressed.

starby FRANCIS EVERINGHAM-POPE on 2017-02-05

The staff are always knowledgeable, respectful, and courteous.

starby DAN JORDAN on 2017-01-26

I trust Imports Plus with my cars. They do quality work in a timely manner and when I have a problem with my car, they always explain what needs to be done and why.

Great people!

starby MARK / LISA STEVENS on 2017-01-19

Awesome service as always!!

starby CHARLES READ on 2017-01-16

As always, an excellent experience!

starby BILL / HELEN MEYERS on 2017-01-11

Superb service ! As Always !

starby MICHAEL STRAYER on 2017-01-10

They correctly diagnosed the problem and had it repaired on time. The staff is very courteous and professional.

starby JEFF / LINDA DOUGLAS on 2017-01-06

As always, the team at Imports Plus was great to work with. They quickly assess my problem and give me recommendations with possible courses of action based on urgency and cost. Their pricing is fair and I often recommend them. I use them for my business and personal vehicles.

starby MARK WILLIAMS on 2017-01-03

The front staff was very nice and easy to work with. The mechanics in the back did everything they said they would do and more. They found another problem that I was not aware of, call me and then fix it too. The price was reasonable. I feel it was a great job all the way around. Thank you guys. Mark

starby DARRYL BEPLAY on 2017-01-02

Honest and trustworthy. Communicates well.

starby ELIZABETH CRAWFORD on 2017-01-02

I can trust the work completed by Imports Plus!

starby GREG MATTISON on 2017-01-01

Staff are always courteous and helpful. I have been bringing my cars here for years! Never pressured to have repairs done. And when I have had vehicle repairs, only what is absolutely needed is recommended. I'm always told what can wait in order to save me $$$. It's a great feeling knowing your not being taken advantage of when getting your car repaired or serviced!

starby LEWIS LAPINE on 2016-12-30

Called in the morning, dropped the car off our GLK350 at 2PM for a new battery. The car was ready by 5PM! Great service!

starby KATHERINE / TOM KECKEISEN on 2016-12-30

As always Imports Plus is awesome. The staff are all friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

starby MARK MCCLURE on 2016-12-29

Always personable, transparent and trustworthy!

starby LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2016-12-25

Always outstanding, honest service

starby JASON HINE on 2016-12-24

Great service as always!

starby SUZANNE STROTHER on 2016-12-23

The staff and crew at imports are best. They give great customer service and quality service to my vehicle.

star by BILL BRICKENSTEIN on 2016-12-22

Please send a copy of the last minivan invoice, the price was less than I expected (did the water pump and thermostat get replaced?) also, Tire pressure monitors for snow tires need to be initialized. Desired work on 2003 Sunbird oil change coolant flush (coolant in trunk) alignment brake fluid flush Thanks, Bill

starby MARK / LISA STEVENS on 2016-12-19

As always, excellent service!!

starby ANN CLARK on 2016-12-17

A great job on rebuilding my motor! Care was put into making sure it drove well before I picked up my SUV.

starby CATHY CLAWSON on 2016-12-17

I am so glad I found a trustworthy place to take my car!

starby LEE MCLAUGHLIN on 2016-12-15

car was repaired on time and correct, thanks for good job

starby Anon on 2016-12-11

great experience

starby TONY / LOIS BUZZETTI on 2016-12-09

Wonderful! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you ll.

starby JIM DEFELICE on 2016-12-01

Awesome folks. Knowledgeable. Friendly. Quick.

starby LEWIS LAPINE on 2016-11-24

Service done correctly and on time, reasonable price.

starby MICHELLE / LAR. LONG on 2016-11-14

We love Imports Plus!

starby LANE KOCHERT on 2016-11-10

Always knowledgeable and friendly!

starby KEN BAILEY on 2016-11-03

The service and friendlyness is awesome. Thanks Dave for all you do. I will continue to send new customers to Imports Plus. Thanks for all you do. Ken Bailey

starby ALVIN BONAPARTE on 2016-11-02

friendly, fast and professional repair

starby Anon on 2016-10-30

great service!

starby GREG / SYBIL STOWERS on 2016-10-28

Awesome and always

starby JEFF BYESS on 2016-10-23

My usual great visit. Moved to downtown Columbia but still coming to Imports Plus for my vehicles.

starby JIM DEFELICE on 2016-10-23

Trust these folks to take of me and not find things to do just make money. Thank you ImportsPlus for being the best repair shop in Columbia

starby KAREN MCCAIN on 2016-10-20

Fast, efficient surface. Friendly environment. Love Susan and Ben all the staff.

starby LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2016-10-17

Always excellent service and quality repair at a fair price.

starby MICHELLE / LAR. LONG on 2016-10-13

Always great to work with. Very professional and trustworthy.

starby JANE ARMSTRONG on 2016-10-08

Professional service as usual and appreciate the follow up about timing belt! Just wish you all were closer but worth the drive! Thanks!

starby Anon on 2016-10-08

Excellent service and friendly staff! Had to drop off after hours with a problem and had no appointment! Very affordable, quick service and repair!

star by ANN CLARK on 2016-10-08

Another great experience this week at Imports Plus. The appointment was set in a timely manner and repair was done quickly and correctly. Thanks!

starby MICHELE / ROB. TERRELL on 2016-09-28

Superior service as always! You're not going to find another repair center with greater honesty and integrity.

starby MELISSA HATTAWAY on 2016-09-18

Always honest and fair, they've been my trusted service company for years.

starby DAVID KAZEE on 2016-08-28

great & friendly service - def would suggest friends & family to have their vehicle taken there.

starby STUART CONDRA on 2016-08-24

Thanks for getting me in so quickly and taking care of everything. Especially appreciate when your inspection shows that something can wait, you give me that option. I will be back with all my cars and all my friends

starby JIM DEFELICE on 2016-08-13

Great work, courteous staff, reasonable prices

starby ALVIN BONAPARTE on 2016-08-10

Timely, thorough, reasonably price and friendly.

starby STEVE AMICK on 2016-08-07

Very speedy, for what had to be done! Great experience!

starby MELISSA HATTAWAY on 2016-08-07

Trustworthy, honest and reliable

starby RAFAEL MOREL on 2016-08-07

Reliable and honest.

starby RICHARD RUSAW on 2016-08-07

I greatly appreciate your efforts to help with those things beyond the actual repairs. Going the extra sets you apart and above the crowd. Having "my mechanic" is a great comfort. Someone I can deeply trust is important. The repairs/services have always been excellent. Keep up the good work.

starby LLOYD BENNETT on 2016-08-01

Quicker repair than expected. A call to let me know how much it would be and the problem. Courteous service. What more would you ask for?

starby LARRY / JEAN WILUND on 2016-07-29

Your service was excellent as always

starby CHARLES /MANITA CRAFT on 2016-07-27

Wonderful as always.

star by WILLIAM (BILL) BYRD on 2016-07-25

Did a great job on the tires, but I wish they had told me they did not have the tools to align my rear tires. That's the main thing I asked them to align. They should have told me they could not do it before they started work. I got billed for half an alignment: front end only. Now I have to go to the dealer to get the car properly aligned, and pay twice. Nice folks, but a little disappointing to me.

starby BILLY HARR on 2016-07-21

Outstanding. As usual.

starby KEN MEEKS on 2016-07-20

They always do a great job with not only the problems I bring them but showing me problems that might arise. Always fast turn around (done right) at very fair prices

starby GEORGE MONTGOMERY on 2016-07-19

Surging while driving.

starby KIRBY OBLACHINSKI on 2016-07-13

Outstanding... I have 100% trust with Ben and Susan.

starby DOUG DUNKELBERG on 2016-07-10

I respect the honesty and integrity and generosity of Ben and Susan Kirby. While it's never convenient to get a repair done, it's great to know that you won't be misled by the repair shop for the needed repairs. Imports Plus and the Kirby's will continue to get my business for future repairs and I recommend them to anyone else in need of service!

starby Anon on 2016-07-08

I found the staff at Imports Plus to be very professional and helpful. They were able to obtain parts and fix the problem with my son's 2004 Volvo within a day which was critical for my son to be able to drive to school and work- which was very important to me. They seem to be very straight forward with the issues and also their pricing was right on the estimate. Will definitely use them again.

starby KATHERINE / TOM KECKEISEN on 2016-07-02

As always, we received the best service. We trust that our vehicles are in the best of hands. Everyone is always helpful, friendly and accommodating. Thank you Import Plus

starby JIM DEFELICE on 2016-06-30

Courteous, knowledgeable staff that listens well. They provide excellent care for your vehicle and keep you up to date on progress. It's easy to make an appt too

starby BRIAN / HEATHER BEDFORD on 2016-06-27

I was able to leave my truck for a week while on vacation, and Imports Plus took great care of me. They mounted and balanced tires that I had drop-shipped, and they took care of several preventive maintenance items. They communicated with me very well over the phone, and didn't recommend anything I didn't actually need. The quality of workmanship is always top-notch. They even offered to drop my truck off at my house for me so I didn't have to retrieve it after-hours! Great, trustworthy customer service I'd recommend to anyone.

starby SCOTT COVINGTON on 2016-06-25

Trust is huge; Are there shops in Greenville that work on Mercedes products, sure. But I drive to Irmo because Imports Plus is owned and operated by Ben and Susan Kirby. Again, trust is huge.

starby WENDY RAUCH on 2016-06-23

Efficient, FAST, professional with so much personal kindness and compassion. My car doesn't see any body else! :)

starby CHARLES / LENN. MULLIS on 2016-06-15

As usual we are very pleased. Lennie Volvo has 276,000 milles and runs like new,

starby JANE ARMSTRONG on 2016-06-15

Great job!

starby MICHAEL SMITH on 2016-06-12

The folks at imports plus are friendly and knowledgeable. the will never leave you in the dark.they are very efficient. I recommend them often.

star by GEORGE NORTON on 2016-06-12

Always quality work with a very friendly professional atmosphere

starby Anon on 2016-06-08


starby KAREN MCCAIN on 2016-06-05

I always have the best service at Imports Plus. They are great about short notice and getting your car in and out or they will give you a loaner car. Can't say enough about the great team at Imports Plus!

starby SHARI GRAHAM on 2016-06-04

Extremely knowledgeable and fast . We won't trust anyone else to work on our cars from now on . At grade work . Thank you

starby WILLIAM / STACI GREGG on 2016-06-01

Awesome experience!

starby Anon on 2016-05-29

Always great service.

starby GREGORY / LISA DAVIS on 2016-05-29

I have a fancy new car and this time I decided to trust it 100% from the start with Import Plus! I have lived in this area for nearly 10 years and I trust all my vehicles with Import Plus! We are so lucky to have them.

starby ALEXANDRU ATIM on 2016-05-29

I had again the best experience dealing with Imports Plus. They are very experienced and know how to fix your car immediately.

starby ANN CLARK on 2016-05-27

Work was done same day...staff is always polite and welcoming. Worth the drive to Irmo!

starby JOHN WHITTEN on 2016-05-26

Again you folks did a super job with my maintenance. You checked my questionable electrical problem and gave me a no problem was found. Thanks much Jack Whitten

starby ELAINE / JOE SILEO on 2016-05-26

David as always they are ready to take on the job that's never too great or never too small. Always does a great job and never a problem.

starby DARRYL JACKSON on 2016-05-26

My wife and I were very pleased with service we received at Imports Plus. They were courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable about the service needed for our vehicle. They also do work for the dealership at which I work.

starby RITA GREEN on 2016-05-26

Fast, dependable & reliable

star by PHILIP MYLES on 2016-05-26

My experience with Imports Plus was very discouraging and frustrating. I was having problems with my brakes and made an appointment to drop my car off for 8AM. at noon I called to check on status and was told everyone was at lunch, so left a message to contact me with update. After receiving no update I called again at 3:30PM and was told the repairs would be close to $1300 due to a seized caliper.

This sounded rediculously high so I started asking questions, it was like pulling teeth to get an explanation on the scope of work they were going to do for the $1300. In frustration I decided to pick my car up and take to another dealer for a second opinion. The same work that was quoted for $1300 I had completed for $780 at Firestone. I did some checking on my own and found that calipers only cost $65 each and it's only a 2 hour job to change out calipers, rotors and pads. You guys need to rethink how you bill people.

starby CATHY LEE on 2016-05-05

Everyone at Imports Plus has always been polite, honest, upfront. They tell you what you need, tell you how much it will cost. My sons and I have taken our cars there for years, never had a bad experience. I highly recommend them!!

starby BRAD LAWSON on 2016-05-02

The people at Imports Plus are great at what they do. Unlike many mechanic shops, there are also very personable and polite. They did a neat job - no scratched paint or grease on seats, they fixed the issues on multiple vehicles for me, and the pricing was very fair. An excellent experience!

starby RAMONA HATFIELD on 2016-05-01

I have used Import Plus for all my service needs on my 2002 Acura. Over the past year they have done quality service in a timely manner. I would only consider having my car serviced and repaired at this business. The staff is very professional, thorough, and courteous. I have never been disappointed by their work!! I highly recommend having your car taken care of here.

starby AMY BOOZER on 2016-04-28

Excellent service from scheduling to completion!

starby JOE CANFIELD on 2016-04-23

Excellent as usual

starby PEGGY HIPPEN on 2016-04-22

Always a great experience. I trust these people to do exceptional work each time I bring my car in.

star by ELIZABETH CRAWFORD on 2016-04-21

Respectful customer service striving to deliver quality service. Listens to customer and fulfills request in a timely and efficient manner. Provides feedback on process of mechanics. Reasonable and competitive pricing!

starby ROGER JOHANSSON on 2016-04-14

Clear communication, quick and quality service

starby JEFF LEAPHART on 2016-04-12

great family owned business . They are honest,hard working and will not fix anything on your car that is not broked jeffrey Leaphart

starby TIM MCLENDON on 2016-04-11

I totally trust these guys with my auto repair and would highly recommend their service! They're always courteous and timely along with being honest which is sometimes hard to come by in their line of work.

starby MARLENE WESTPHAL on 2016-04-06

As usual i had excellent service and they are always so help to me, letting me use a car as i live out aways. The entire staff is very nice to work with and take care of problems right away. I have been going to Imports Plus for years and wouldn't think of going to any one else!

starby BILL / HELEN MEYERS on 2016-03-27

As always, completely satisfying!

starby DON/MARY MOORE on 2016-03-25

Consistently great service, both customer service and the actual work done.

starby MARK STANCZYK on 2016-03-24

Was kept informed of every phase of repairs and said it needs to be safe but has to run. Great job. Will bring little project back for that timing belt soon

starby DON / MARY BROCK on 2016-03-11

Ben and Susan are the best! Very knowledgable and extremely helpful.

starby MARY ANNE CARROLL on 2016-03-11

They either come and get my car or give me a car to drive, so I am not having to get off work to have my oil changed. They are very accommodating.

starby JAMIE PEREZ on 2016-03-07

Always a pleasure bringing my vehicles here for servicing. I love the professional and friendly staff. The work is always done right the first time.

star by ROSA MILLS on 2016-03-07

starby LAQUINTA WHITE on 2016-03-04

Imports Plus was definitely a lifesaver for me. My vehicle broke down and wouldn't start. I live almost four hours away from Irmo so I had to leave the vehicle. Due to military training and unforeseen circumstances they worked with me and stored my vehicle on their lot like two months. Once I came to retrieve the vehicle they were still very friendly and willing to work with me to resolve any issues. Customer service is superb and 5 star!

starby RITA GREEN on 2016-02-28

Fast, affordable & dependable.

starby RICHARD RUSAW on 2016-02-26

Imports Plus again performed above expectations. They fit in their busy schedule a slight emergency situation in a timely manner. They resolved my cars problems & regular maintenance items with a high level of professionalism. They have provided me with excellent service on all my vehicles for many years helping to keep my reliability up and my costs down. Easy and a pleasure doing business. Keep up the good work.

starby PEGGY HIPPEN on 2016-02-20

I trust the people at Imports Plus to take good care of my car. They always are able to work me in if needed, and let me know what they find and how much it will cost. I also appreciate using a loaner car, if it's available. These are the people you want working on your vehicle.

starby JIM / ANNE LLOYD on 2016-02-19

have been doing business for years and known Ben since the late 1970's. wouldn't trust my vehicles to anyone else

starby GREGORY / LISA DAVIS on 2016-02-19

I rate Import Plus a 10 out of 10 because I've been a customer for ten plus years. I have four vehicles that they have service for years. When you experience great service and great people in life, why change. From my family to the Import Plus Family Thanks for 10 plus wonderful years.

starby JANE ARMSTRONG on 2016-02-19

Friendly, professional and did work on my diesel VW at reasonable price. Advised me of some upcoming things to remember ie timing belt which my old old mechanic used to do before he sold his place. If you have a diesel import it is worth the drive from Columbia to Irmo to have them take care of you. Jane A

starby CHRIS BROWN on 2016-02-18


starby DOUG / JANE ROBERTS on 2016-02-07

Great service! We trust Imports Plus for maintenance on all of our vehicles.

starby TERRY KOON on 2016-01-30


starby JOE & LYCIA GOLSON on 2016-01-26

The automobile was repaired and returned quickly. Great place for a diesel engine repair.

starby Anon on 2016-01-22

Fantastic service for the past 20+ years!

starby LINDA GRISWOLD on 2016-01-21


starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2016-01-20

Great service. Been bringing my 2011 smartfortwo and my wife's 2010 Nissan Versa here for years.

starby WENDY RAUCH on 2016-01-15

As always, great service, fast and fair. I have NEVER had to take my car back after a repair!

starThey always do a great job.

star by BRETT / KELLY GOWANS on 2016-01-01

Very dissatisfied with the professionalism shown by the front office staff which is disappointing because I have had three vehicles worked on there and believe the mechanics are top notch.

starby Anon on 2015-12-31

I am always pleased with your service.

starby KATHERINE / TOM KECKEISEN on 2015-12-31

Love Import Plus. They are always so honest and only do what is needed to repair your car. Amazing staff. Thank you again for taking such excellent care of us.

starby STEWART SMITH on 2015-12-27

Imports Plus is a very courteous business and the technicians diagnosed the problem with my car very promptly. I will definitely be going back.


starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2015-12-24

Quick and professional service.

starby KAREN MCCAIN on 2015-12-23

I love the service here. They gave a loaner car so I could get to work. They are so quick and do quality work. Keep up the great work!

starby LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2015-12-22

Always outstanding service performed by knowledgeable and professional staff. I would not trust my cars with and other shop or dealer.

starby AARON SIEGEL on 2015-12-12

Your are awesome, as usual. Thanks for the very quick turnaround!

starby KEITH / HOPE HINNANT on 2015-12-11

Always professional and do a great job

starby Anon on 2015-12-05

Professional and efficient service.

starby ROBERT SHARPLEY on 2015-12-04

We have used Imports Plus for more than 20 years to service and repair all our vehicles . They are friendly but professional, trustworthy, and very reasonably priced. In fact, when we have compared costs of replaceables (wipers, tires, batteries, ....), they come in under dealers where we purchased the vehicles as well as specialty shops.

starby JOE CANFIELD on 2015-11-27

Always great service. Always fairly priced.

starby GEORGE NORTON on 2015-11-26

Always a pleasure when i bring my vehicle here. I have recommended this business to my coworkers with excellent reviews.

starby Anon on 2015-11-19

Fantastic service! I always take my car here for anything, I know they're reliable and honest and if while working they find something that could use some attention on the car but isn't absolutely necessary, I never feel pressured or coaxed into something and they provide a full and honest quote if I ever decide to have that done. Definitely will keep going and I refer everyone to them!

starby Anon on 2015-11-16

I always have excellent service when I bring my cars to Import Plus. They are very good at solving my car problems and they are ever so helpful in telling me what and what I need done and also how to taker care of my cars. I have been taking my cars to Import Plus for a good number of years and will continue to do so. Very pleased with all their services!

starby CHARLES / LENN. MULLIS on 2015-11-11

having your car serviced is like going to the Dentist. No one really enjoys it but it has to be done. Imports Plus does all if can to make it as pleasant as possible and like the Dentist appointment we are confident that we cam smile afterwards.

starby INEZ SOLAND on 2015-11-10

I wanted to thank you all for working so kindly with my brother while I was busy with what turned out to be a heart attack--all is on a more healing road now. He was quite impressed with his and the car's treatment. Of course, I knew you would know what to do with the car--I sure didn't. I will start driving again soon and will look forward to bringing my other car at that time. Again, thank you, IHS

starby KEN/SHARON WAYMER on 2015-11-07

Imports plus is a wonderful business. There are very few places that I can go and be confident that I am being taken care of without being taken advantage of This is a good Christian family based business that I would recommend to anyone. I trust them with all of my vehicles. May God continue to bless you Imports Plus!

starby JESS MAYES on 2015-11-07

I have alway been happy with your work. After all I have been using Imports Plus for maybe 20 years.

starby Anon on 2015-11-04

The service is always "top drawer" and First Class plus they actually stand behind their work!!

starby JOHN FAULKENBERRY on 2015-11-01

Worked with me on my pickyness with parts. Did a great job on time.

starby CHARLIE MAIER on 2015-11-01

Prompt, courteous , reasonable

starby JIM / KATHY WHITE on 2015-10-28

Great service and advice. Bad news ---- 15 y/o car ready for retirement I know that I can trust the folks at Imports Plus.

star by ANGELA FORAND on 2015-10-26

Great job as always. However, when I was called to inform me the work was done, no information was provided about additional problems that they recommend be addressed. The recommendation was on the bill when I picked up the truck after hours. This occurrence was the second time that the same thing happened.

starby Anon on 2015-10-25

Honest, courteous and always timely. Great local business.

starby TRUBEY WALKER on 2015-10-22

I would NEVER use any other car repair or updating company than IMPORTS PLUs. The updating and repairing is always excellent and handled quickly and reasonable and within excellent time limits... Thank you so much for letting me use your operation.. Trubey

starby LORRIE DUBOSE on 2015-10-19

I want to thank Imports Plus for being so gracious and helpful each time I have my car serviced. I will continue to highly recommend them to family and friends. Lorrie DuBose

starby VALERIE/BRYAN STANLEY on 2015-10-16

Great job!!!! Great company!!!! They did exactly what they promised at exactly they quoted.

starby AMY BOOZER on 2015-10-09

Excellent service as always!

starby MICHEAL SWINDELL on 2015-10-03

Susan David and the employees are outstanding at Imports Plus. Honest and efficient!

starby CHANTAL ROCHEFORT on 2015-10-01

I appreciate their honesty and wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!

starby BILL / HELEN MEYERS on 2015-09-30

Very smoothe service to replace my wife's driver side door handle. Couldn't have been more simple and complete. As Always, many thanks for keeping us on the road! Best always WildBill

star by CAROLYN ASHFORD on 2015-09-28

I came in for a simple pick up but found I needed several minor things before it was over The staff were very courteous and helpful and did not seem to mind taking care of my additional concerns I have been a customer for many years and this is why I keep coming back

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2015-09-23

Work on my 2011 smartfortwo & my wife's 2010 Nissan Versa is always performed in a timely and professional manner. We recommend Imports Plus to all of our friends.

starby RAY DODSON on 2015-07-11

Every one there was very friendly and courteous. The ending bill was just what they said it would be. I think I found my new automobile repair center.

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2015-07-03

Great service. Had my wife's wiper blades replaced in 30 minutes. Taking my smart car in for service next week.

starby ANN ENGELI on 2015-07-02

I have always had the best service from Imports Plus and this time was no different. Thank you Imports Plus!!

starby BILL / NANCY JOHNSON on 2015-07-01

Always friendly and knowledgeable.

starby BARBARA LEHEW on 2015-06-25

This was only my second visit to Imports Plus and I am so impressed with their service, honesty and welcoming enviroment. They are my new "vehicle doctors". Thank you Imprts Plus Team! Barbara

starby MELISSA HATTAWAY on 2015-06-10

Trustworthy and reasonably priced!

starby LOUIS RUGGIERO on 2015-06-08

Always outstanding service by pleasant and courteous people.

starby Anon on 2015-06-03

Absolutely wonderful service, as always! Bill

starby STACI KILLIAN on 2015-05-29

I always have a great experience with Imports Plus, everyone is knowledgeable and very helpful with answering any questions I may have regarding my vehicle. I would recommend them to all of my friends!

starby MICHAEL SMITH on 2015-05-22

there is no better place in the area for VW advise,parts,and service!

starby JOHN WRIGHT on 2015-05-17

Very satisfied with service, honest and friendly. Yes this is America the Great. God Bless. John

starby MATT SCARIMBOLO on 2015-05-14

It's a great business, I have JCW Mini cooper and with out a Mini dealership in Columbia I was scared on where to take my mini for service. they do a great job at a fair price.

starby DERALD EDWARDS on 2015-05-10

Great staff. Truly know the volkswagon

image by MARY ANNE CARROLL on 2015-05-04

They pick my car up. Get the job done same day and return car to me. They are usually able to get me in within a days notice.

starby JIM / KATHY WHITE on 2015-05-02

Got me in and out with the right diagnosis and recommendation.

starby MARK / LISA STEVENS on 2015-04-27

Excellent personal service from the Kirbys and Imports Plus!! We trust them with all our cars!!

starby Anon on 2015-04-25

Always excellent service and xare

starby ROGER PLAYER on 2015-04-22

Great customer service - Very Knowledgeable - Fair Price - Quality of work was super.

starby SCOTT COVINGTON on 2015-04-16

Quick, honest and reliable service.......A+++++++

starby ROBERT PARSONS on 2015-04-16

Always friendly and fast

starby JEFF LEAPHART on 2015-04-14

i love susan and her staff they always do great work

starby Anon on 2015-04-09

Work completed in a timely fashion. Very helpful.

starby ROBERT LEE on 2015-03-30

Awesome service will continue to do business with them.

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2015-03-29

I take all of my cars here. I like supporting a locally owned family business & I'll have my 2011 smartfortwo in for scheduled service next week.

starby PEGGY HIPPEN on 2015-03-29

I am so glad to have such nice, trustworthy people working on my car. I want it to last as long as possible and I rely on Imports Plus to keep it running well. This is the best auto shop around.

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2015-03-26

I always go here to have our cars serviced and the fact that it is a locally owned family business is a plus. My 2010 Nissan Versa has an appointment this week. We have never been overcharged and if I ever had a problem with service, it was quickly rectified.

starby BRENT MINTER on 2015-03-26

I am very pleased with the service received from Imports Plus. Honest and Timely. I will definitely recommend them to friends.

starby BILL / NANCY JOHNSON on 2015-03-26

I always get the best service.

starby DONNA / MARK BRAZELL on 2015-03-20

Always professional, knowledgable and curious of my time" I highly recommend getting your car serviced or repaired here

starby Anon on 2015-03-19

Always accommodating to appointment requests. Always good service. I requested they do a tire rotation that I thought was due. They reminded me they had just performed that service the last time I was in and it was not required at this time. Can't get more honest with your customers than that.

starby MARK PITTMAN on 2015-03-18

Excellent customer service and quality workmanship. David and Eric always go above and beyond expectations, I have never hesitated to recommend Imports Plus and always do so with complete confidence. Thanks.

starby MIKE REED on 2015-03-14

Very friendly folks over there at Imports Plus. Great price on a 4-wheel alignment for my '08 5-Series BMW.

starby AMY BOOZER on 2015-03-06

Consistent, dependable and high quality service every time!

starby WILLIE F. SMITH on 2015-03-03

Great service!

starby WENDY RAUCH on 2015-02-27

As always fast, efficient, and courteous. In less than 24 hous went from an un drivable car to purring engine!

starby DARRYL BEPLAY on 2015-02-27

Great service. Timely and accurate. Staff kept me informed of progress.

starby CRAIG GALLIVAN on 2015-02-27

Absolute ease in getting a quote then having the work completed in a timely manner! This is where I will be taking my car from now on!

starby Anon on 2015-02-19

Great service by honest folks!

starby LEWIS LAPINE on 2015-02-19

Once again, we received excellent service at a very reasonable price. We were not oversold on any service or repairs that were not necessary. The folks are courteous and delivered our card on time.


starby BETTY GURNELL on 2015-02-16

As always THE BEST in customer service (could I have 10 stars, please?), quality of service, clarity of communication, honesty.

starby M.T. PONDS on 2015-02-11

We appreciate your through knowledge and helpful advice showing that it's not just how much you know that is important to the customers, but it's far more how much you care for your customers and that is very important to us as customers making us feel as important as your business is to you, ant that goes a long way. So continue to strive to keep our goals high as well as your contagious concern for your customers you never know what kind of day someone had with their vehicles as well as their day before they come inside and be greeted with a compassionate smile:-) May God continue to Bless you and your family as well as your Business, it do not go unnoticed with God as Matt:6:33 Reminds us "To Seek Him First" Have a Glorious Day:-) M. Ponds

starby MELVIN EVERSON on 2015-02-11

Thank you for the Excellent Service provided by your Highly Qualified service Personnel

starby RITA GREEN on 2015-02-10


star by Anon on 2015-02-09

willing to work with our concerns

starby ANN ENGELI on 2015-02-08

Excellent as always!!

starby KATHERINE / TOM KECKEISEN on 2015-02-05

You guys are awesome. My car stopped on my way to work. I sort of flipped out about that. I called you and my car was towed and fixed by that afternoon. I love Imports Plus. You are also so honest and efficient. Thank you so much.

starby STEVE ZEADY on 2015-02-04

Courteous, responsive fair. - what else could anyone expect. This is my new repair shop!

starby ANNIE HANSEN on 2015-02-03

They were AMAZING! I am SO glad I called/emailed Imports Plus to fix my car! They were so helpful and willing to work with me! I am very grateful!

starby Anon on 2015-01-28

Imports Plus does quality work at competitive prices. The best thing is that they are honest and trustworthy as well as good mechanics.

starby MELVIN EVERSON on 2015-01-15

I am totally Satisfied with Imports Plus--Honest, up front, and keeps the Customer informed. You make me feel like part of the family and I appreciate the feedback. Keeping the customer informed is yourTrademark...Thank you for a fantastic job!!!

starby Anon on 2015-01-07

As always, excellent service. Best in Columbia, SC.

starby PEGGY HIPPEN on 2015-01-07

The people at Imports Plus are fantastic. I trust their work and rely upon their expertise to keep my car running well. I feel very fortunate to have such a reliable place to take my vehicle.

starby Anon on 2014-12-23

Needed to top off oil in my 2008 BMW. They greeted me with a smile and promptly took my car into the garage. I was out in less than 15 minutes. Very important to me because I was on my way to work. :)

starby PHILIP / BELIN. FLOHR on 2014-12-20

As always, your service was expedient and friendly. What a team!

starby JIM DEFELICE on 2014-12-13


starby TOM MCBROOM on 2014-12-13

My Experkiene was aS IT ALWAYS IS FANTASTIC ! Ben & Susan go out of theirr way to give the best professional timelly service. thjey are head and shoulders above thwe local; dealership. L

starby JAMES / INEZ IRBY on 2014-12-09

We continue to have great service and experiences at Imports Plus.

starby WILLIAM (BILL) BYRD on 2014-12-05

Good company. Repairs are excellent and fairly priced.

starby WAYNE SHORT on 2014-12-04

They correctly identified and fixed a suspension problem (bad CV axle), found what was splashing on my rim (leaking transmission gasket), and replaced a thermostat that was identified as problematic by an engine code. The car has never ridden so smoothly since I bought it, I think the CV axle was a problem for a long time (causing shudder when accelerating hard or going up hills on interstate), and finally it became so bad that car shuddered continuously, which finally prompted my son to bring it to my attention. It feels like a new car, and once I fix the broken struts it should be a quieter car as well.

starby Anon on 2014-11-21

Fast and courteous service at affordable prices!

starby JOHN / PAM ROBINSON on 2014-11-20

They always do a great job!

starby JAN LONG on 2014-11-16

Into the shop on time; quick turn around and all was professionally accomplished. Very pleased with the service.

starby Anon on 2014-11-15

Took my 09 Acura TL in for Imports to look at with the intention of selling it. They did such a great job correcting a couple of issues I'm going to keep it. Always easy to work with, I highly recommend.

starby TIM MCLENDON on 2014-11-01

They always do a great job at a fair price !!

star by Anon on 2014-10-29

I really like coming to Imports. Although I wish I didn't have to come as often as I do. They always take care of my car, and they provide a ride home if I need it. The prices are also decent. Service could be improved. They can sound arrogant on the phone, but I know I can trust them with my car. They really know their way around a mini, beetle, or other "special" car. When I take my car anywhere else, they really cannot do anything to it, because of the engineering of the car. Imports Plus can always find the problem.

starby ANDEE ST. JOHN on 2014-10-28

Always excellent service.

starby Anon on 2014-10-23

Always great service, done on time, at a fair price.

starby CAMILLE D'ASCOLI on 2014-10-21

It is a rare and wonderful thing to find an auto repair shop in which we can place implicit trust. We have found that with Imports Plus.

starby PRISCILLA HEITING on 2014-10-20

David was courteous, helpful and explained fully the work that was done. Repair work that is needed was shown with a diagram. I appreciated the attention given to my volkswagon.

starby ANGELA / MIKE BAIN on 2014-10-18

The staff at Imports Plus aims to please! We appreciate that they will pick up your vehicle while you are at work, make the repairs, then return it! Thanks for your service!

starby STUART CONDRA on 2014-10-18

David and Susan took care of my issue promptly. They are so courteous knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend imports plus to everyone

starby SANDRA / RICH LOVE on 2014-10-09

Excellent experience!!

starby ANN ENGELI on 2014-10-09

Fast, friendly, reliable, competent, the best!!

starby GRAHAM ADAMS on 2014-10-02

Ben did a pre-purchase inspection for a Karmann Ghia that I was looking to buy. He did an excellent job and really helped me to understand potential areas of concern. They are very well versed in air cooled VWs. It was money well spent.

starby VALERIE GRAY on 2014-09-21

I am so comfortable bringing our vehicles to Imports Plus. We just had our daughter's car serviced and once again, the service was friendly, prompt, and a fair price. I appreciate the ability to make a service appointment and the communication regarding the time it will take to complete service / repairs and how much it will cost. Top Notch and trustworthy!!!!

starby WENDY RAUCH on 2014-09-18

As always fast, efficient and fair pricing!

starby RICHARD / JAN LAHAN on 2014-09-13

The only place we go to have our 2010 Nissan Versa and 2011 smart fortwo serviced.

starby ROBERT PARSONS on 2014-09-13

always ready to schedule, greet you by name, and say thank you for your business. Quality, service, and friendly too!

starby JIM / ANNE LLOYD on 2014-09-12

This is the fourth vehicle of ours that Imports plus has cared for. This time it was just the routine maintenance for a 4runner with 153k miles! Our teenage daughter drives this everywhere, so it has to be reliable. Over 20 years, Ben and his "family" have kept us driving...and with the rise in college tuition, gas, and food, Ben will have his work cut out for him...since my car is approaching 230K miles and the next child is going to college. They have always been honest, the work reliable, and certainly better cost for the benefit than I have received anywhere else.

starby KERRY GLASSER on 2014-09-09

As always a wonderful job by great people.

starby JAMIE PEREZ on 2014-08-31

I've taken several cars here over the years, imports and domestics. Each and every time has been a wonderful experience dealing with the friendly and professional staff. Each job performed on my vehicles have been done with excellence. I have not had to go back a second time for any of the repairs. As long as I live in the area, I'll keep coming back for my service needs.

starby TRUBEY WALKER on 2014-08-23

As usual, I have only the best to report about Imports Plus.. the ONLY car repair companyI will ever use and the only one I will ever suggest to my friends. Thank you for your excellent service and especially you always friendly information and help.

starby Anon on 2014-08-21

The work was performed as submitted in the estimate for about $30 less than the estimate! We have not used the car much since the maintenance so I cannot determine if

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